How to Make Hair Grow Faster and Stronger

There are many ways to make hair grow faster and stronger, in the meantime none of them are scientifically proven to make your hair grow faster. As in any other areas best way to do this to try to make your hair grow faster naturally.

  • Healthy hair grows faster
    Always keep your hair healthy, there are many things you can do to achieve this like regular cuts to get rid off dead split ends, avoid too hot too cold water, avoid to wash your hair too often, avoid any outside elements can damage your hair.
  • Treat your hair gently for hair growth
    Wearing hats too often, using pony tail and pulling your hair, not brushing gently, using too much hair straightener or blow dryer, brush your hair before shower. Minimize hair styling.  Avoid changing colors too often, dying your hair too often will cause damage to your hair.
  • Stay Healthy for healthy hair
    Take daily enough nutritions to stay healthy, try to take these nutritions naturally, eat lot of vegetables and fruits, take enough fiber and protein. Taking multivitamin daily will help too but stay away taking too many extra pills, products just for hair growth such as biotin pills etc.  If you stay healthy your hair will be healthy too, and show this by growing faster and longer.
  • Avoid Stress Relax
    Stress is one of the common causes of many problems and diseases and this will reflect your hair health as much as your overall health. Try to relax and fight stress by maintaining positive mental health, regular exercise, yoga or any other relaxation techniques can be used for this subject.
  • Get Enough Sleep
    Enough sleep is another key to stay healthy and maintain overall health, everybody needs different amount of sleep. Determine the hours of  sleep you need to stay healthy and stick with it.  Overall avg. need for sleep is 7-8 hours/day but may vary depending on the age and body type.
  • Extreme Weight Gain or Loss
    As we mentioned above, everybody has a different ideal weight to stay healthy, this will be rational to your height which is called body mass index. Try to stay in that range for your ideal weight and avoid too much weight gain or loss.
  • Other factors to effect faster hair growth
    Any factors effecting your health will effect your hair growth, such as caffeine, smoking taking too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep, getting too tired, not getting enough rest, depression, all these factors may effect your overall health which will reflect to your hair growth.